Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Prantera, Amanda

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(1942-    ) UK-born writer, in Italy since the age of 20, author of some fantasy and Supernatural Fiction, plus tales like Strange Loop (1984), The Side of the Moon (1991) and Proto Zoë (coll of linked stories 1992) which play with the Uncanny. The Cabalist (1985) is set in a crepuscular, contemporary Venice irradiated – as is usual in Urban Fantasies set here – by death. The protagonist is a Magus in a world no longer receptive to his art (> Thinning); he is haunted by a Demon in the shape of a child, who may (or may not) be the rightful inheritor of his wisdom. The frame story of Conversations with Lord Byron on Perversion, 163 Years After his Lordship's Death (1987) is Technofantasy, the conversations being manifested through a computer. The Kingdom of Fanes (1995) is set in Faerie, where a complicated tale is told deadpan. [JC]

Amanda Prantera


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