Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Postgate, Oliver

(1925-2008) UK writer and tv screenwriter who with animator/director Peter Firmin (1928-    ) formed the production company Smallfilms, responsible for a string of cult children's series using either drawn or stop-motion animation or (often) a mixture. The first was The Saga of Noggin the Nog (1959-1965), scripted by OP from a story by Firmin: it tells of a Quest by a gentle Viking with his family and associates in their longship. Ivor the Engine (1962-1964, 1976-1977) anthropomorphized various railway features, the central character being a steam engine whose boiler is fired by a small Dragon. The Pogles (1966-1967), later retitled Pogles' Wood, intercut live action with stop-motion animation. The company's biggest success was almost certainly The Clangers (1969-1973), featuring the little whistling inhabitants of a blue moon. Bagpuss (1974) was set in a junkshop, in which Toys and other items would weekly be incanted into life (> Animate/Inanimate) in order to investigate and mend some new addition to the shop's stock. All the series – there were others – had considerable charm, the stories being told with a beautiful simplicity. [JG]

Oliver Postgate


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