Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Pornographic Fantasy Movies

A substantial portion of (soft) pornographic movies released fall into the fantasy category; to turn this the other way round, in any comprehensive listing of fantasy movies (> Cinema), an astonishingly high percentage – about 10-15%, perhaps more – is pornography. These movies form, in effect, a separate subgenre, having little influence on, and being little influenced by, more orthodox fantasy movies. Many are released on sell-through video only, and almost all are reportedly – as fantasies – dire. Research is difficult in this field, in that few researchers are willing to sit through the stuff, but there are one or two notable exceptions to the general rule; for example, Through the Looking Glass (1976), in which a discarded middle-aged woman rediscovers her selfhood through being lured for Sex through a Mirror by a Demon who dwells in the mirrorworld, deploys some sophisticated fantasy. (Uncut versions of this movie are not generally available.)

The line between pornographic and "art" movies is a thin one, and many more widely available fantasy movies probably cross it. Yet there is a quite definite qualitative difference between these – even where their primary raison d'être is erotic – and the PFM proper; the two types of movie can on occasion approach a common ground, but they do so from different directions. [JG]

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