Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Poole, Josephine

Pseudonym of UK writer Jane Penelope Josephine Helyar (1933-    ), most of whose work is YA Supernatural Fiction – like Moon Eyes (1965), her first novel. In The Visitor: A Story of Suspense (1972) an adolescent boy discovers his tutor is in fact an ancient deity (> Time Abyss) who requires Human Sacrifice from his worshippers. Other books of interest include Billy Buck (1972), The Loving Ghosts (1988) – a Ghost StoryAngel (1989), This is Me Speaking (1990), Snow White (1991 chap) illus Angela Barrett – a very fine Twice-Told version – Paul Loves Amy Loves Christo (1992), Scared to Death and other Ghostly Stories (coll 1994) and a Twice-Told Pinocchio (1994). [JC]

Jane Penelope Josephine Helyar


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