Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Poole, Josephine

Pseudonym of UK writer Jane Penelope Josephine Helyar (1933-    ), most of whose work is YA Supernatural Fiction – like Moon Eyes (1965), her first novel. In The Visitor: A Story of Suspense (1972) an adolescent boy discovers his tutor is in fact an ancient deity (see Time Abyss) who requires Human Sacrifice from his worshippers. Other books of interest include Billy Buck (1972), The Loving Ghosts (1988) – a Ghost StoryAngel (1989), This Is Me Speaking (1990), Snow White (1991 chap) illus Angela Barrett – a very fine Twice-Told version – Paul Loves Amy Loves Christo (1992), Scared to Death and other Ghostly Stories (coll 1994) and a Twice-Told Pinocchio (1994). [JC]

Jane Penelope Josephine Helyar


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