Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Pollack, Rachel

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(1945-    ) US writer, resident in the Netherlands 1973-1990, who began publishing fiction with "Pandora's Bust" (1972 New Worlds Quarterly #2) as by Richard A Pollack. Although her first two novels are sf (see SFE), they contain elements which carry the flavour of fantasy; and it is as fantasy that Unquenchable Fire (1988 UK) and its sequel Temporary Agency (1994 UK) ask to be read. Set in an alternate USA in which the forces of Shamanism actually work and a system of guilds, now ossified into bureaucracy, control these forces in the manner of a public utility, the novels vividly admix familiarity with strangeness. The former won the Arthur C Clarke Award. Godmother Night (1996) is a seemingly contemporary novel but is in fact a kind of sombre feminist Fairytale. RP edited Tarot Tales (anth 1989 UK) with Caitlín Matthews, and designed a Tarot deck, "Shining Woman Tarot", which is sold with Shining Woman Tarot Guide (1992 UK). [GF]

Rachel Grace Pollack


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