Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Pini, Wendy

(1951-    ) US writer and illustrator who, with her husband Richard Pini, created and controlled the various forms of Elfquest from its inception as a Comic in 1978. Richard Pini has been primarily responsible for text spinoffs; WP has been credited as being more responsible for Graphic-Novel versions of the original comics. This Elfquest sequence includes Elfquest #1 (graph 1981), #2 (graph 1982), #3 (graph 1984) and #4 (anth 1984). The Complete Elfquest sequence of comics re-assembles colour versions of the original b/w strips, running from The Complete Elfquest #1: Fire and Flight (1981) through #6: The Secret of Two-Edge (1989). [JC]

Wendy Pini


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