Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Pini, Richard

(1950-    ) US writer and illustrator who, with his wife Wendy Pini, created and controlled the various forms of Elfquest from its inception as a Comic in 1978. Spinoffs in book form include: Elfquest: The Novel!: Journey to Sorrow's End (1982; vt Elfquest, the Novel 1982; vt Elfquest 1984) with Wendy Pini; several Graphic Novels (> Wendy Pini); and a series of anthologies: The Blood of Ten Chiefs #1 * (anth 1986) with Lynn Abbey and Robert Lynn Asprin, #2: Elfquest: Wolfsong * (anth 1988) with Asprin, #3: Elfquest: Winds of Change * (anth 1989) and #4: Against the Wind * (anth 1990), the latter two ed RP. With Wendy Pini he won a 1985 Balrog Award as Best Artist. [JC]

Richard Alan Pini


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