Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Pierce, Meredith Ann

(1958-    ) US writer of fantasies for older children. She began with The Darkangel (1982), which she wrote while still an undergraduate; an inventive fantasy involving a Vampire figure, drawing its inspiration from a Dream recounted in C G Jung's Memories, Dreams, Reflections (> Jungian Psychology), this dramatizes Evil as seductively beautiful with a vividness unusual in a YA novel. MAP published two sequels, A Gathering of Gargoyles (1984) and The Pearl of the Soul of the World (1990), all three being assembled as The Darkangel Trilogy (omni 1990); the sequels did not materially enlarge MAP's accomplishment. The two extant volumes of the Firebringer trilogy – Birth of the Firebringer (1985) and Dark Moon (1992) – deal with good Unicorns and evil wyrms (> Worm/Wyrm). The Woman who Loved Reindeer (1985) is about a foundling babe whose appearance is the causal agent in allowing the protagonist to fulfil her destiny (> Fate). Where the Wild Geese Go (1988 chap), a fantasy for younger children, involves geese and a Quest. The significance accorded hierarchical orders, destinies, conflicts between Good and Evil, and traditional fantasy elements in MAP's fiction give it a decidedly conservative cast; the imaginative force evident in her first novel suggests she may yet write something more original. [GF]

Meredith Ann Pierce


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