Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

UK large digest Magazine, 16 issues, monthly, April 1957-July 1958, published by Dalrow Publications, Bolton, Lancashire; ed Leslie Syddall.

Short-lived, P was at the time the only UK magazine devoted entirely to Supernatural Fiction. It concentrated on Ghost Stories, but did cover other traditional supernatural themes, especially Werewolves and Witchcraft. From #4, through the influence of Forrest J Ackerman (1916-2008) and August W Derleth, who served as agents providing the bulk of the material for the magazine, P began to contain more reprint material, mostly from Weird Tales. Of special interest is the final issue, which included new stories by Sophie Wenzel Ellis, Andre Norton, Bob Olsen (1884-1956) and Idella P Stone (1901-1982) among the reprints. The UK material was minor and mostly by local authors, though it included rare forays by R Lionel Fanthorpe (1935-    ) and John S Glasby (1928-2011) outside their Badger Books prison. [MA]

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