Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Paxson, Diana L

(1943-    ) US writer who began publishing fantasy with the Westria novels, set in a post-Holocaust California in which technology has been supplanted by Magic. Lady of Light (1982) and Lady of Darkness (1983) – assembled as Lady of Light, Lady of Darkness (omni 1990 UK; vt The Mistress of the Jewels 1991 US) – were followed by Silverhair the Wanderer (1986), The Earthstone (1987), The Sea Star (1988), The Wind Crystal (1990) and The Jewel of Fire (1992). The Chronicles of Fionn Mac Cumhal with Adrienne Martine-BarnesMaster of Earth and Water (1993), The Shield Between the Worlds (1994) and Sword of Fire and Shadow (1995) – is Celtic Fantasy (>>> Finn Mac Cool), as is White Mare, Red Stallion (1986). The White Raven (1988) is an Arthurian fantasy (>>> Arthur), while The Serpent's Tooth (1991) adapts William Shakespeare's King Lear. [JCB/GF]

other works: Brisingamen (1984) and The Paradise Tree (1987), fantasy adventures set in contemporary California; The Wolf and the Raven (1993) and The Dragons on the Rhine (1995), starting a series retelling the Nibelungenlied.

Diana Lucile Paxson


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