Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Parry, [Sir] Edward Abbott

(1863-1943) UK writer and judge who signed at least some of his books His Honour Judge Edward Abbott Parry. His Fairytales for older children – facetious, chummy, occasionally imaginative – were assembled in several volumes: the Katawampus sequence, being Katawampus: Its Treatment and Cure (1895) and Butterscotia, or a Cheap Trip to Fairy Land (1896); The First Book of Krab: Christmas Stories for Young and Old (coll 1897); The Scarlet Herring and Other Stories (coll 1909); and Gamble Gold (1907), illustrated by Harry Furniss. He adapted for children Miguel de Cervantes's novel as Don Quixote of the Mancha (1900). [JC]

[Sir] Edward Abbott Parry


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