Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Pargeter, Edith

(1913-1995) UK writer. Although she published extensively under her own name, her pseudonym Ellis Peters – attached to the medieval Brother Cadfael detective tales – became better known. The City Lies Four-Square (1939) is a touching account of the tribulations of a Ghost barred from Heaven, who seeks solace in mournful poetry and a platonic but emotionally charged friendship with the heroine. By Firelight (1948; vt By This Strange Fire US) is a harrowing Timeslip romance in which a more comprehensively alienated heroine receives intelligence from the past regarding the fate of a man framed for Witchcraft by a lover; the novel includes an excellent recreation of an English witch-trial and generates a remarkable intensity of feeling. [BS]

Edith Pargeter


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