Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Palmer, Thomas

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(1955-    ) US writer. His first novel, The Transfer (1983), was a thriller. In Dream Science (1990) a banking executive is suddenly plunged out of his mundane life into, apparently, the first of a series of Alternate Worlds, from which he can on occasion – but only with a deep sense of Wrongness – return to our existence. These "other worlds" seem generated from his own private Dreams and idealized memories, yet also have many of the characteristics of Afterlives, as if this were an elaborate Posthumous Fantasy. But soon it becomes clear to him that they are not other worlds but different areas of Reality, which is not the single Landscape we normally experience but a much more complicated, spiralling structure, with death being just one way – perceptual shift (> Perception) is another – whereby a Portal may be opened between one of these areas and the next. Further fantasies by TP are eagerly awaited. [JG]

Thomas Palmer


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