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Page, Norvell W

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(1904-1961) US pulp-Magazine writer who published a considerable amount of material as by Grant Stockbridge and a lesser amount as by Randolph Craig. His two best-known works as NWP are Flame Winds (1939 Unknown; 1969) and Sons of the Bear-God (1939 Unknown; 1969), Sword-and-Sorcery adventures concerning Prester John. Under the Stockbridge house name NWP wrote about 90 short-novel-length adventures of the Spider – the alias of millionaire socialite Richard Wentworth, who regularly transformed himself into a cloaked-and-fanged avenger (> Magazines). Those eventually published in book form include Wings of the Black Death (1933 The Spider; 1969), City of Flaming Shadows (1934; 1970), Builders of the Black Empire (1934; 1980), The City Destroyer (1935; 1975), Hordes of the Red Butcher (1935; 1975), Master of the Death Madness (1935; 1980), Overlord of the Damned (1935; 1980), Death Reign of the Vampire King (1935; 1975) and Death and the Spider (1942; 1975) – in this last a supernatural personification of Death threatens the USA. As Craig, NWP wrote a couple of weird/fantastic thrillers featuring Dr Skull: The City Condemned to Hell (1939 The Octopus; 1975 chap) and Satan's Incubators (1939 The Scorpion; 1975 chap). An archetypal pulpster, whose work was more energetic and flamboyant than most others', NWP ceased writing fiction in 1943. [DP]

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