Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Out of the Blue

US tv series (1979). ABC. Pr William Bickley, Michael Warren. Exec pr Austin Kalish, Irma Kalish. Dir Peter Baldwin, Jeff Chambers, John Tracy. Writers Howard Albrecht, William Bickley, Laurie Gelman, Barry Kemp, Michael Warren. Created by Robert L Boyett, Thomas L Miller. Starring Olivia Barash (Laura Richards), Clark Brandon (Chris Richards), James Brogan (Angel Random), Dixie Carter (Marion MacNelmor), Hannah Dean (Gladys), Eileen Heckart (Boss Angel), Jason Keller (Jason Richards), Shabe Keller (Shane Richards), Tammy Lauren (Stacey Richards). 8 30min episodes. Colour.

When the Richards Children lose their parents in a plane crash, a guardian Angel called Random is assigned to watch over them. Random becomes their lodger and high-school teacher, revealing his secret only to the children. The short-lived sitcom centred on Random's efforts to help them through either good advice or judicious Magic. [BC]

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