Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
O'Sullivan, Vincent

(1868-1940) US-born writer long resident in Europe. He was a central figure of the English Decadent Movement (see Decadence), his early books of (mostly fantastic) verse – Poems (coll 1896) and The Houses of Sin (1897) – being among the movement's key documents, as was his first story collection, A Book of Bargains (coll 1896). The supernatural stories contained herein and in A Dissertation upon Second Fiddles (coll 1902) are combined with several uncollected tales in Master of Fallen Years: Complete Supernatural Stories of Vincent O'Sullivan (coll 1995) ed Jessica Amanda Salmonson. They include some fine Weird Fiction; those of most fantasy interest are "The Monkey and Basil Holderness" (1895) and "Master of Fallen Years" (1921). [BS]

other works: Human Affairs (coll 1907).

Vincent O'Sullivan


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