Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Once a Hero

US tv series (1987). New World. Pr Ira Steven Behr, Kevin Inch, Paul Pompian. Dir Kevin Hooks and many others. Created by Dusty Kay. Starring Josh Blake (Woody Greely), Caitlin Clarke (Emma Greely), Robert Forster (Gumshoe), Dianne Kay (Rachel Kirk), Jeff Lester (Captain Justice/Brad Steele), Milo O'Shea (Abner Bevis). 90min pilot plus 6 1hr episodes (3 unaired). Colour.

The (fictional) Comic-book Superhero Captain Justice was once popular but is now largely forgotten. He comes to life when he realizes people are not reading his comics any more. Along with Gumshoe, a private detective, and his girlfriend, Kirk, Captain Justice crosses the "Forbidden Zone" that separates our world from the cartoon universe to try to salvage his life and career. Much to his surprise, he discovers he has no superpowers after the transition. Forced to take a secret identity, he poses as college professor Brad Steele, then sets out on a Quest to revitalize Abner Bevis, the cartoonist who created the comic-book characters. OAH offers an interesting example of a live-action Toon struggling to survive in the mundane world. [BC]

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