Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

A 3000m peak in Pieria designated in Greek Mythology as the home of the gods, although the physical mountain ought perhaps to be reckoned a mere pointer to some loftier abode in the sky. Olympus is usually conceived as a place where much feasting and lovemaking went on, but fictional images of it are generally conceived with comic or satiric effect. It is the chief setting of "Ixion in Heaven" (1847) by Benjamin Disraeli, Olympian Nights (1902) by John Kendrick Bangs, Venus the Lonely Goddess (1949) by John Erskine and The Memoirs of Zeus (1963) by Maurice Druon (1918-2009). It is more detailedly described in O Men of Athens (1947) by A C Malcolm. Olympus is depicted in various movies – e.g., Clash of the Titans (1981) – but generally not very interestingly. [BS]

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