Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Offutt, Andrew J

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(1934-2013) US writer who has often signed himself andrew j. offutt; he has also published as Andy Offutt and A J Offutt. His first published story was "And Gone Tomorrow" (If, 1954) as Andy Offutt. AJO's many novels in sf and other genres (> SFE), often under pseudonyms, have been executed vigorously but not always with great care.

Since the appearance of Messenger of Zhuvastu (1973), AJO has concentrated on fantasy, usually Sword and Sorcery, much of his work being collaborations, Shared-World efforts or ties.

After My Lord Barbarian (1977) most books were in series, including Cormac Mac Art, based on Robert E Howard's character: Sword of the Gael * (1975), The Undying Wizard * (1976), Sign of the Moonbow * (1977), The Mists of Doom * (1977), When Death Birds Fly * (1980) with Keith Taylor and The Tower of Death * (1982) with Taylor. War of the Wizards comprises Demon in the Mirror (1978), Eyes of Sarsis (1980) and Web of the Spider (1981), all with Richard K Lyon (1933-2008). War of the Gods on Earth comprises The Iron Lords (1979), Shadows out of Hell (1980) and The Lady of the Snowmist (1983). Outside series are Chieftain of Andor (1976, vt Clansman of Andor 1979 UK); and a Conan parody, The Black Sorcerer of the Black Castle * (1976 chap), plus three Conan novels: Conan and the Sorceror * (1978), The Sword of Skelos * (1979) and Conan the Mercenary * (1980). Other works are King Dragon (1980), Shadowspawn * (1987) – in the Thieves' World sequence – Deathknight (1990) and The Shadow of Sorcery (1993). AJO also edited the Swords Against Darkness series, comprising Swords Against Darkness (anth 1977; vt Swords Against Darkness I 1990), II (anth 1977), III (anth 1978), IV (anth 1979) and V (anth 1979). [JC/GF]

Andrew Jefferson V Offutt



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