Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Novel Magazine, The

UK general-fiction Pulp (393 issues April 1905-December 1937) which regularly published Supernatural Fiction and for 10 years (April 1913-January 1923) ran a monthly "uncanny story" feature. Among the mostly routine commercial fictions were many Ghost Stories, especially during the post-WWI renaissance of Spiritualism; also included were stories of precognition (> Talents), Werewolves, pagan Magic and Dream fantasies. Best-known stories from the series are: "Not on the Passenger List" (August 1915) by Barry Pain, "The Haunted Chessmen" (March 1916) by E R Punshon (1872-1956) and "The Eighth Lamp" (July 1916) by Roy Vickers (1889-1965). Regular contributors included A M Burrage, Elliott O'Donnell (1872-1965) and Theo. Douglas; the series later reprinted stories from the US pulps by Ray Cummings (1887-1957), Achmed Abdullah, Murray Leinster (1896-1975; > SFE) and Charles B Stilson (1880-1932). The overall executive editor of NM was Percy W Everett (1870-1952), and for a period (1918-1922) the managing editor was E Charles Vivian; after the latter's tenure ended the Magazine switched primarily to romance and stories for women. Two selections were published as Uncanny Stories (anth 1916) and More Uncanny Stories (anth 1918) – assembled as Ghost Stories and Other Queer Tales (rev omni 1931); all three volumes were probably under the editorial direction of Everett. [MA]


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