Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Niles, Douglas

(1954-    ) US writer who has concentrated on ties, beginning with a tie (after Leiber's death) to Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser sequence, Lankhmar, City of Adventure * (1985 chap) with Bruce Nesmith and Ken Rolston. DN has mainly contributed to the Forgotten Realms enterprise, beginning with Lord of Doom: A DragonLance Adventure * (1986), continuing the game-based Moonshae sequence, Darkwalker on Moonshae * (1987), Black Wizards * (1988), Darkwell * (1989) and Prophet of Moonshae * (1992); and going on with the Maztica sequence – Ironhelm * (1990), Viperhand * (1990) and Feathered Dragon * (1991) – being fast-paced adventures in a world resembling pre-Columbian America. Other titles include: Flint, the King * (1990) with Mary Kirchoff, part of DragonLance Preludes; a contribution to the Elven Nations sequence, The Kinslayer Wars * (1991); two volumes in the Druidhome sequence, The Coral Kingdom * (1992) and Druid Queen * (1993); a contribution to the Villains sequence, Emperor of Ansalon * (1993); the first volume in the Lost Histories sequence, The Kagonesti * (1995); and two volumes in the First Quest sequence, Pawns Prevail * (1995) and Suitors Duel * (1995).

A Breach in the Watershed (1995), not a tie, is set in a moderately interesting tripartite Fantasyland divided into human, Faerie and Evil Darkblood regions. [JC]

Douglas Niles


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