Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Night Visions

Anthology series from Small Press publisher Dark Harvest, most of whose contents are Horror; volumes published either one long story or several shorts by each of three contributors. Additional writers provided introductions. The series ran: Night Visions 1 (anth 1984; vt Night Visions: In the Blood 1988) ed Alan Ryan (1943-    ), including stories by Charles L Grant, Tanith Lee and Steve Rasnic Tem (1950-    ); Night Visions 2 (anth 1985) ed Charles L Grant, with stories by Joseph Payne Brennan, David Morrell (1943-    ) and Karl Edward Wagner; Night Visions 3 (anth 1986) ed George R R Martin, with stories by Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell and Lisa Tuttle; Night Visions 4 (anth 1987) ed Paul J Mikol, with stories by Edward Bryant, Dean R Koontz and Robert R McCammon (1952-    ); Night Visions 5 (anth 1988) ed Mikol, with stories by Stephen King, Martin and Dan Simmons; Night Visions 6 (anth 1988) ed Mikol, with stories by Ray Garton, Sheri S Tepper and F Paul Wilson; Night Visions 7 (anth 1989) ed Stanley Wiater (1953-    ), with stories by Gary Brandner (1933-2013), Richard Laymon (1947-2001) and Chet Williamson; Night Visions 8 (anth 1991) ed Mikol, with stories by John Farris (1936-    ), Stephen Gallagher (1954-    ) and Joe R Lansdale (1951-    ); and Night Visions 9 (anth 1991) ed Mikol, with stories by Rick Hautala (1949-2013), James Kisner (1947-    ), Thomas Tessier (1947-    ). [JC]

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