Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
New, Original Wonder Woman, The

US movie (1975 tvm). Warner Bros./ABC. Pr Douglas S Cramer. Dir Leonard J Horn. Screenplay Stanley Ralph Ross. Based on Comic-book characters created by Charles Moulton. Starring Lynda Carter (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman), Cloris Leachman (Queen), John Randolph (General Philip Blankenship), Stella Stevens (Marcia), Lyle Waggoner (Major Steve Trevor). 90 mins. Colour.

This second pilot movie based on Wonder Woman – the first was Wonder Woman (1974) – returned to the original World War II setting and look of the comic books. While flying over the Bermuda Triangle, US pilot Steve Trevor is forced to bail out over supposedly empty ocean. Luckily, he lands on the uncharted Paradise Island, the hidden home of the Amazons, and their Queen holds a contest to find a warrior to return with him to fight the Nazis. The winner is Princess Diana, who as the Queen's daughter must compete wearing a Mask and who reveals herself only after winning. She takes the identity of Diana Prince, an aide to Trevor, and together they battle to stop a deadly Nazi plot.

This movie was far more successful than its predecessor, due largely to the casting of Lynda Carter in the lead role, for her skimpy costume helped draw the desired male audience. One of the more memorable effects was the transformation from Diana Prince to Wonder Woman – a rapid spinning, so fast that she blurred, returned the Amazon warrior to her true identity. The story continued the following year in the series The Adventures of Wonder Woman. [BC]

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