Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
My World ... and Welcome to It

US tv series (1969-1970, 1972). Sheldon Leonard Productions/NBC, CBS. Pr Danny Arnold. Exec pr Sheldon Leonard. Dir Arnold and many others. Anim David DePatie, Friz Freleng. Writers David Adler and many others. Based on the work of James Thurber. Starring Lisa Gerritsen (Lydia Monroe), Joan Hotchkis (Ellen Monroe), William Windom (John Monroe). 26 30min episodes. Colour.

Based on drawings and stories by Thurber, this series focused on the life of John Monroe, a cartoonist for a fictional Manhattan-based magazine. Intimidated by his wife, daughter, children, friends and work, Monroe retreats into a fantasy world of his own imagination, where he views himself as a Hero. Animated sequences were combined with live action to portray his Otherworld. After a year on NBC, the series was brought back for a season of reruns on CBS. A 1959 pilot had previously failed to bring this Walter Mitty-like series to tv. [BC]

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