Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau

(1928-    ) US painter, sculptor and writer of myth-tinged otherworldly YA fantasies, notably the Children of Ynell sequence – The Ring of Fire (1977), The Wolf Bell (1979), The Castle of Hape (1980), Caves of Fire and Ice (1980) and The Joining of the Stone (1981) – and the Dragonbards trilogy – Nightpool (1985), The Ivory Lyre (1987) and The Dragonbards (1988). SRM's work in these series shows the influence of C S Lewis's Narnia novels. Her fantasy singletons include The Grass Tower (1976), Silver Woven in My Hair (1977), Soonie and the Dragon (1979), Valentine for a Dragon (1984), Medallion of the Black Hound, with Welch Suggs (1989), and a number of picture books for young children. The Catswold Portal (1992), an Animal Fantasy, is her first novel to be aimed primarily at adults. [DP]

Shirley Rousseau Murphy


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