Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Mr Terrific

US tv series (1967). Universal/CBS. Pr David J O'Connell. Dir Jack Arnold. Writers R S Allen and others. Starring Dick Gautier (Hal Walters), John McGiver (Barton J Reed), Paul Smith (Harley Trent), Stephen Strimpell (Stanley Beamish/Mr Terrific). 13 30min episodes. Colour.

The ultra-secret Bureau of Special Projects finally succeeds in creating a pill that can impart superpowers; an unfortunate side-effect is that it makes people violently ill – all except Stanley Beamish, who works at a nearby gas station. Reluctantly Beamish takes on the identity of Mr Terrific, a costumed Superhero. This comedy had the dubious distinction of debuting and being cancelled at the same time as another very similar effort, Captain Nice (1967). [BC]

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