Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Mr Merlin

US tv series (1981-1982). Columbia/CBS. Pr Joel Rogosin. Exec pr Larry Rosen, Larry Tucker. Dir John Astin, Bill Bixby and many others. Writers Tad Chehak, Tom Chehak and many others. Novelization Mr Merlin – Episode 1 * (1981) and Mr Merlin – Episode 2 * (1981) by William Rotsler. Starring Clark Brandon (Zachary Rogers), Barnard Hughes (Max Merlin), Elaine Joyce (Alexandra), Jonathan Prince (Leo Samuels). 21 30min episodes. Colour.

Merlin is now living in modern San Francisco as garage owner Max Merlin. Told by Wizards even more powerful than himself that he has not been doing enough good deeds lately, he is ordered to find a Sorcerer's Apprentice. His choice is teenager Zachary. Zachary tries to be a good student, but one of his major interests is using the Magic he learns to attract women. Somehow, the pair manage a few rescues of those in distress. [BC]

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