Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Mr Ed

US tv series (1960-1966). Filmways/syndication and then CBS. Pr Herbert W Browar, Howard Campbell. Exec pr Arthur Lubin, Al Simon. Dir Rod Amateau, Lubin, John Rich, Ira Stewart. Writers William Burns and many others. Created by Lubin. Graphic novelization 7 issues of Mr Ed (1962-1964) from Dell Publishing/Gold Key comics. Starring Connie Hines (Carol Post), Alan Young (Wilbur Post). Voice actor Allan "Rocky" Lane (Mr Ed). 143 30min episodes. B/w.

The premise for this long-running sitcom is that a palomino horse is able to speak (> Talking Animals). The series was the brainchild of Lubin, who had earlier directed the Francis Movies, about a talking mule. Architect Post moves from the city to a house in the country and finds a horse in his barn, left there by the prior owner. The horse, Mr Ed, can talk, but wishes to talk only to Wilbur. This causes trouble: people think Post is crazy. Mr Ed will, though, talk to others on the telephone: a call can be generated by an urge for take-out food or a desire to meet Clint Eastwood's horse.

ME had the distinction of being the first series to move from syndication to network tv. [BC]

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