Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Morwood, Peter

Pseudonym of UK writer Robert Peter Smith (1956-    ), married to Diane Duane and resident in the Republic of Ireland for many years. His competent but routine adventure fantasies fall into several series. The Japanese-mythology-tinged Alban Saga comprises The Horse Lord (1983), The Demon Lord (1984), The Dragon Lord (1986) and The Warlord's Domain (1989). The pseudo-Russian historical Prince Ivan trilogy comprises Prince Ivan (1990), Firebird (1992) and The Golden Horde (1993). The Clan Wars series reverts to the setting of the first sequence some five centuries on: Greylady (1993) and Widowmaker (1994). Keeper of the City * (1989), with Duane, is a contribution to the Guardians of the Three Shared-World series. PM's other works, most co-written by Duane, are sf Novelizations and media spinoffs. [DP]

Robert Peter Smith


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