Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Morris, Janet E

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(1946-    ) US writer who began publishing fiction with the ambitious sf Silistra sequence in 1977, and who has since published much sf and fantasy, mostly since 1982 in various forms of collaboration. Although her early sf possesses elements redolent of fantasy – the Silistra novels recall Sword and Sorcery, while the civilization in the Dream Dancer trilogy (1980-1982) resembles that of Hellenistic Greece – JEM has written fantasy only in two Shared-World enterprises. The first is the Tempus series, based on the Thieves' World enterprise: Beyond Sanctuary * (1985), Beyond the Veil * (1985), Beyond Wizardwall * (1986), Tempus * (coll of linked stories 1987), City at the Edge of Time * (1988) with Chris Morris, Tempus Unbound * (1989) with Chris Morris and Storm Seed * (1990) with Chris Morris. With C J Cherryh, JEM created the Heroes in Hell enterprise: Heroes in Hell * (anth 1986) with Cherryh, Rebels in Hell * (anth 1986) with Cherryh, Masters in Hell * (anth 1987), Kings in Hell * (anth 1987) with Cherryh, The Gates of Hell * (fixup 1986) with Cherryh, Angels in Hell * (anth 1987), Crusaders in Hell * (anth 1987), War in Hell * (anth 1988), Explorers in Hell * (1989) with David Drake, The Little Helliad * (1988) with Chris Morris, Prophets in Hell * (anth 1989). [GF]

other works: I, the Sun (1983), historical novel.

Janet Ellen Morris


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