Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Monaco, Richard

(1940-    ) US academic, composer, playwright, screenwriter, literary agent and novelist who first came to notice as a fantasist with his Parsival sequence of Arthurian novels: Parsival; or, A Knight's Tale (1977), The Grail War (1979), The Final Quest (1980) and Blood and Dreams (1985). Dark-hued and ironic, these retell the Perceval tales from a disenchanted modern perspective. The Leitus novels – Runes (1984) and Broken Stone (1985) – are rather more conventional in their depiction of Romans versus druids in a Land of Fable. Journey to the Flame (1985) is an adequately enjoyable pastiche of H Rider Haggard (who features as a character); the plot concerns an attempt by pre-WWI German nationalists to find the lost City of Kôr, as described by Haggard in She (1886), hoping to exploit its occult powers. [DP]

other works: Unto the Beast (1987), supernatural horror; The Dracula Syndrome, with Bill Burt (1993), nonfiction.

Richard Monaco


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