Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Miller, Ian

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(1946-    ) UK artist and illustrator, mainly of fantasy and sf; his bizarre, intricate line and colour creations often contain both Surreal and Steampunk elements and motifs. The meticulous execution gives his work an obsessive quality, and certain images frequently recur, among them complex mechanical fish and flies, puppet strings and robotic structures. He draws in inks with a technical pen, often with ruled, almost mechanical cross-hatching, overlaid with light washes of watercolour and some coloured pencil work.

IM studied at Northwich School of Art and at St Martin's School of Art, then produced book and magazine Illustrations, including some work for Warren Publishing. In 1975 he went to Hollywood to do scene origination and background design for Ralph Bakshi's Wizards (1977). His first book, Green Dog Trumpet and Other Stories (graph 1979), was intended to include a text storyline; this was in the event omitted, his art providing sufficient narrative. Other books include Secret Art (graph 1980) and Ratspike (graph 1990), this latter with John Blanche. In 1983 he produced some gloriously amorphous drawings of Mervyn Peake's castle of Gormenghast. He has co-created two Graphic Novels: The Luck in the Head (graph 1991) with M John Harrison and The City (graph 1992). [RT]

further reading: The Guide to Fantasy Art Techniques (graph 1984) ed Martin Dean.

Ian Miller


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