Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Milán, Victor

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(1954-2018) US writer who published a number of post-holocaust military-sf novels as by Richard Austin and under the house name James Axler, and much other pseudonymous work. As VM he began publishing work of genre interest with the long War of Powers Sword-and-Sorcery sequence, all with Robert E Vardeman (whom see for details), set in a Fantasyland and featuring much Magic. In his own right, VM is best known for the sf Samurai sequence – The Cybernetic Samurai (1985) and The Cybernetic Shogun (1990). In Runespear (1987) with Melinda Snodgrass three adventurers become embroiled in 1936 with Nazi Germany, whose leaders' occult obsession about finding the eponymous spear of Odin leads to perilous scrapes. VM's later work was largely sf. [JC]

Victor Woodward Milán


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