Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Middleton, Haydn

(1955-    ) UK writer in whose first sequence, the People series – The People in the Picture (1987) and The Collapsing Castle (1990) – contemporary protagonists are influenced by the world of Celtic Fantasy; in the second volume, a particular Celtic Story controls the dire events taking place in a 20th-century English village. HM's second series, the Mordred CycleThe King's Evil (1995) and The Queen's Captive (1996), with further volumes projected [The Knight's Vengeance (1997)] – tells in Dark-Fantasy terms the story of Arthur from the viewpoint of Mordred. Singletons include Son of Two Worlds: A Retelling of the Timeless Celtic Saga of Pryderi (1987) and The Lie of the Land (1989), associational. [JC]

Haydn Middleton


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