Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
McKiernan, Dennis L

(1932-    ) US writer of Heroic Fantasy who spent 31 years in R&D for antiballistic missile defence systems and telephone software before becoming a full-time writer in 1977, while recovering from a car crash. His first book was split by its publisher into The Iron Tower trilogy, being The Dark Tide (1984), Shadows of Doom (1984) and The Darkest Day (1984). This unashamed homage to J R R Tolkien, set in the magical land of Mithgar, deploys the Fimbulwinter concept. His second book, a direct sequel, was split into The Silver Call sequence, Trek to Kraggen-cor (1986) and The Brega Path (1986), using a Quest story to explore the naivety that war can be romantic. In Dragondoom (1990) DM looks at issues of racism and intolerance. The Eye of the Hunter (1992) explores the impact of humanity on the environment as well as Immortality; its prequel, Voyage of the Fox Rider (1993), discusses the nature of Evil. Caverns of Socrates (1995), the only novel to date not set in Mithgar, is essentially a Technofantasy: a group is trapped in a virtual-reality game unless they can beat the computer; DM's philosophical questions here concern the nature of Reality and consciousness. His short fiction has been collected as Caverns of Mithgar (1994). He wrote the Graphic Novel Tales from the One-Eyed Crow: The Vulgmaster (1991). Projected [when this encyclopedia went to press] are The Dragonstone (1996) and «Hel's Crucible», both Mithgar novels [the latter appearing as a two-book series, Into the Forge (1997) and Into the Fire (1998)]. [JF]

Dennis Lester McKiernan


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