Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
McKenna, Stephen

(1888-1967) UK writer, mostly of lighthearted romances that often make metaphorical use of Fairytale motifs. The Sixth Sense (1915) features a "Seraph" whose extra sense helps track his kidnapped sweetheart. SM's one fantasy novel of significance is The Oldest God (1926), in which an earnest debate about the problem of Evil and the Christian response to it is ironically subverted by Pan. His subsequent attempts to produce more serious work include Beyond Hell (1931), about a near-future experiment in penology, and Superstition (1932), a story about the power of suggestion and the efficacy which it may lend to Curses. In The Undiscovered Country (1934), a woman revived from death describes the strange Afterlife country which she has visited. [BS/DRL]

Stephen McKenna


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