Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
McGowen, Tom

Working name of US advertising executive and writer Thomas McGowen (1927-    ), who began publishing work of genre interest with Sir MacHinery (1970), a Technofantasy: various Companions, including a Wizard and a Witch, come across a large box labelled "Machinery" in a scientist's residence. It contains a robot, which the companions mistake for a Knight in armour; they enlist it in their fight against evil Trolls.

Though its first pages seem set in a Secondary World, the Armindor sequence – The Magician's Apprentice (1987), The Magician's Company (1988) and The Magician's Challenge (1989) – is sf, set on a post-Holocaust Earth where the technologies of the past seem like Magic. The Shadow of Fomor (1990), in which two young boys are transported into a Celtic secondary world, is fantasy. The Age of Magic sequence – The Magical Fellowship (1992), A Trial of Magic (1992) and A Question of Magic (1993) – is Science Fantasy, set in a Land-of-Fable prehistoric world populated by Dragons and Elves and being invaded by aliens. [JC]

Thomas McGowen


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