Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
McCarthy, Justin Huntly

(1860-1936) Irish writer, son of writer, journalist and MP Justin McCarthy (1830-1912), who wrote several nonfantasy novels with Mrs Campbell Praed. JHM's historical novels tend to be rather more colourful than his father's. His 13th-century romance The Dryad (1905) is an archetypal account of Thinning: the last immortal favoured by Zeus falls in love with a young prince but has to go to extraordinary lengths to rescue him from the clutches of a rival sorceress. Our Sensation Novel (1886) is a blithely unrationalized parody of Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White (1860), one of whose women in white may be a Lamia. JHM edited The Thousand and One Days: Persian Tales (anth 1892 2 vols), which contains Arabian Fantasies. [BS]

Justin Huntly McCarthy


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