Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
McBain, Ed

Best-known pseudonym of US writer Evan Hunter (1926-2005), born S A Lombino and who also wrote as D A Addams, Hunt Collins, Richard Marsten and Ted Taine during the 1950s, when he was a prolific contributor to crime, mystery and sf Magazines. As EM, he writes the popular 87th Precinct police-procedural novels, most of which are fixed in the real world, although Ghosts (1980) concerns apparently genuine psychic manifestations. Most of EM's stories of genre interest appeared under the Hunter name in 1951-1954, before he established himself as a mainstream writer with The Blackboard Jungle (1954), a seminal novel of juvenile delinquency. Although he concentrated on sf, a few of his early stories verged on the fantastic, especially "Robert" (1953 Thrilling Wonder) and "The Miracle of Dan O'Shaughnessy" (1954 Imagination) about people with special Talents. A few fantasies are found in The Last Spin (coll 1960 UK) and Happy New Year, Herbie (coll 1963), both as Hunter, the name under which he also wrote the screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds (1963). [MA]

Evan Hunter


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