Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Matheson, Richard Christian

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(1953-    ) US author and screenwriter, the son of Richard Matheson and brother of Chris Matheson. Most of his work has been as scriptwriter and story consultant on many tv series, including The A-Team, Quincy, Knightrider, Magnum, The Incredible Hulk and Amazing Stories; he shifted to movies in the mid-1980s. He spent 18 months as a parapsychologist at UCLA in 1975-1976, a period which provided some authenticity to his fiction, which started to appear with "Graduation" (1977 Whispers), exploring the degradation of a student in a college which starts to possess (> Possession) its students. RCM became connected with the Splatterpunk movement, rather by association with fellow writers than by his own fiction, which is more psychological (> Psychological Thriller) and shows the influences of not only his father but such others as Ray Bradbury and Truman Capote (1924-1984). His best fiction blurs humour and the bizarre, as in Holiday (1982 Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine; 1988 chap), where a man meets Santa Claus while he is on holiday. Most of his works are exercises in Perception, as his protagonists attempt to make sense of their increasingly strange lives. A collection is Scars, and Other Distinguishing Marks (coll 1987; exp 1988). Created By (1993) is a nonfantastic horror novel. [MA]

Richard Christian Matheson


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