Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Master Thriller Series

UK pulp series, with 32 individual titles, published quarterly by World's Work, Surrey; ed H Norman Evans. Each issue was complete in itself and represented a different fictional category, so might arguably be called a pulp anthology series.

Most issues featured reprints from US Magazines with occasional new UK stories (more prevalent in later issues). The series began with Tales of the Foreign Legion (anth July 1933; all issues were undated). Those that published Supernatural Fiction were #6 Tales of the Uncanny (anth September 1934), #17 Tales of Terror (anth July 1937), #20 Tales of the Uncanny 2 (anth April 1938), #23 Tales of the Uncanny 3 (anth January 1939) and #32 Tales of Ghosts and Haunted Houses (anth December 1939).

Outside the series were two associated single-issue pulps: Fireside Ghost Stories (anth 1938) and Ghosts and Goblins (anth 1938). Although unremarkable, these were the UK's first specialist Ghost-Story magazines. [MA]

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