Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Master, The

US tv series (1984). NBC. Pr Joe Boston, Nigel Watts. Exec pr Michael Sloan. Dir Ray Austin and many others. Spfx Phil Cory. Writers Tom Sawyer, Michael Sloan, Susan Woollen. Starring Sho Kosugi (Okasa), Lee Van Cleef (John Peter McAllister, The Master), Vincent Van Patten (Max Keller). 13 1hr episodes. Colour.

McAllister has lived in Japan and studied ninjutsu for 30 years, becoming a ninja master. He receives a letter from a daughter he never knew he had, and returns to the USA to search for her, thereby earning the wrath of his fellow ninjas. They order him killed for turning his back on their teachings, and send Okasa, another skilled ninja, to find and kill him. The series revolved around McAllister's search and his efforts to avoid Osaka. [BC]

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