Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Martin, Graham Dunstan

(1932-    ) UK writer. His first two novels, Giftwish (1980) and Catchfire (1981) were Children's Fantasies set in Fantasyland; two neighbouring kingdoms separated by an old spell are reunited by teenage protagonists. In the very dark Soul Master (1984), his first adult novel, an evil ruler uses Magic to take over the minds of the population.

GDM's later novels are more complex and more satisfying, with clear if slightly formal writing and an enjoyable Scottishness. Time-Slip (1986) deals with Alternate Worlds in a Contemporary-Fantasy manner, concentrating on the philosophy of a new Religion with no guilt, because all actions must happen in one world or another. Half a Glass of Moonshine (1988), his most interesting work to date, explores the overlaps between psychology, philosophy, parapsychology and metaphysics as it asks whether appearances of the protagonist's dead husband represent a Ghost or if there is some other explanation; the question is left unresolved. [DVB]

other works: The Dream Wall (1987), sf; Shadows in the Cave (1990), nonfiction about mysticism and quantum physics; several academic works.

Graham Dunstan Martin


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