Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Marley, Stephen

(1946-    ) UK writer. The Life of the Virgin Mary (1988), a fictionalized biography of the Madonna (> Christian Fantasy), was ambiguously published and is thus often listed as nonfiction. It was followed by Spirit Mirror (1988), the first of SM's Chia Black Dragon series about a quasi-immortal Chinese Vampire; the novel is rather over-richly written, but has much interest. Mortal Mask (1991), continuing the series, is SM's masterpiece to date: densely textured prose gives chilling effect to what is at once a piece of Chinoiserie and a first-rate Ghost Story – yet not a Supernatural Fiction but most decidedly a Dark Fantasy. SM continued the series with Shadow Sisters (1993), a disappointing romp. Since this novel SM has engaged in ties (see below) and CD-Interactive Games; it is to be hoped he will return soon to the rich potential offered by Chia Black Dragon. [JG]

other works: Two Judge Dredd ties, Dreddlocked * (1993) and Dread Dominion * (1994), the first of merit and the latter of considerable merit; Dreamweb * (1994 chap), game tie; Managra * (1995), a Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures tie.

Stephen Michael Joseph Marley


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