Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine

US large format Magazine, quarterly, Summer 1988-current (#28 Summer 95), published and ed Marion Zimmer Bradley.

MZBFM is something of a spiritual successor to Dennis Mallonee's Fantasy Book, except that most of the contents are set in Secondary Worlds. Most of the stories are High Fantasy, drawing upon traditional images from Fairytales and Legends, most often of European origin, but occasionally Oriental (> Oriental Fantasy) and Native American. There are a few Supernatural Fictions, usually tales of Witchcraft. Some stories have strong feminist overtones (> Feminism); many are humorous or light fantasies, and even the macabre ones go easy on violence. The magazine supports new writers, many of whom Bradley is also developing in her companion Anthology series Sword and Sorceress, but more prominent names also appear, in particular Jo Clayton, Parke Godwin, Phyllis Ann Karr, Mercedes Lackey, Diana L Paxson, Jennifer Roberson, Darrell Schweitzer, Laura J Underwood (1954-    ) and Elisabeth Waters (1952-    ). MZBFM is heavily illustrated, making a feature of its covers, and has used high-quality material by Alicia Austin (1942-    ), George Barr (1937-    ), David Cherry (1949-    ), Stephen Fabian (1930-    ), Ron Walotsky (1943-2002) and Janny Wurts; both Barr and Wurts have also contributed fiction. A representative anthology is The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine (anth 1994) ed Bradley. [MA]

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