Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Man from Atlantis, The

US tv series (1977-1978). Solow Productions/NBC. Pr Herman Miller. Exec pr Herbert F Solow. Dir Dick Benedict and many others. Spfx Tom Fisher. Writers Larry Alexander, Jerry Sohl and many others. Novelizations The Man from Atlantis: Sea Kill * (1977) and The Man from Atlantis: Death Scouts * (1977) by Richard Woodley. Comics adaptation The Man from Atlantis * (7 issues 1978) from Marvel Comics. Starring Victor Buono (Mr Schubert), Patrick Duffy (Mark Harris), Belinda J Montgomery (Dr Elizabeth Merrill). 12 60min episodes plus 120min pilot. Colour.

Atlantis still exists. A violent storm washes a strange man ashore, and he is discovered by members of the Foundation for Oceanic Research. Suffering Amnesia, he cannot remember where he came from, but his webbed hands and feet and his uncanny ability to breathe underwater through gills all point to his being from Atlantis. Taking the name Mark Harris, he joins the researchers on their various expeditions, hoping to discover a way back to Atlantis. Many of the stories pit the researchers against a master-Villain, Mr Schubert, who is intent on ruling the world. Others feature aliens, an Elf, a Mermaid and, in one of the more unusual episodes, a trip through Time with a re-telling of Romeo and Juliet (> William Shakespeare). All these adventures are punctuated by the fact that Mark has to get back in the water every 12 hours or die. Mr Schubert and other villains do their best to dry him out. [BC]


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