Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Magic Roundabout, The

French tv series (1963-1971), with new soundtrack for BBC (1965-1977) and Channel 4 (1992). Dir Serge Danot. Writer (of English-language version) Eric Thompson. Created by Danot. Voice actor Thompson (first series), Nigel Planer (second series). 160 5min episodes. Colour.

Although broadcast for children, this puppet/stop-motion animated series was widely watched by adults. The English-language narration by Thompson was what gave the series its great appeal: Danot's images were sufficiently loose that Thompson could supply virtually any story he wished – from surreal to topically satiric. In a brightly coloured garden live the characters Florence (a Doll), Dougal (a bouncy dog), Dylan (a numbskull rabbit), Zebedee (a sort of jack-in-the-box without the box) and various other characters. "'Time for bed,' said Zebedee" became a catchphrase. Pollux et le Chat Bleu (1970; vt Dougal and the Blue Cat 1972 UK) was a feature-movie version. [JG]

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