Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Magazine of Horror, The

US digest Magazine, irregular (usually bimonthly or quarterly), 36 issues August 1963-April 1971, published by Health Knowledge Inc., New York; ed Robert A W Lowndes (1916-1998).

Primarily a reprint magazine, MOH was launched to cash in on the popularity of the Pan Book of Horror Stories. Lowndes had a greater passion for the pulps, especially Weird Tales and Strange Tales, than for modern Horror, and so MOH became a haven for lesser-known reprints, its contents predominantly reflecting the pulp era of the 1920s and 1930s. Among the scarce stories reprinted were fictions by Arthur J Burks (1898-1974), Hugh B Cave, Robert E Howard, Clark Ashton Smith and Henry S Whitehead, To save money Lowndes reprinted mostly out-of-copyright material, including classics by Ambrose Bierce, Robert W Chambers, Rudyard Kipling, Richard Marsh (real name Bernard Heldmann; 1867-1915) and Mary Wilkins Freeman. In this respect MOH had much in common with Avon Fantasy Reader. Lowndes did the field a great service in bringing back into print "lost" stories, particularly works by Robert E Howard, David H Keller and Wallace West (1900-1980). MOH printed very few original stories; exceptions were by Joseph Payne Brennan, August W Derleth, Emil Petaja (1915-2000) and Donald Wollheim, and by new writers like Janet Fox (1940-    ), Stephen Goldin (1947-    ), Joanna Russ (1937-2011) and Roger Zelazny.

MOH had several companion magazines. Startling Mystery Stories (18 issues Summer 1966-March 1971) printed nonfantastic fiction alongside some weirder material, concentrating on mystery fiction with a strange slant. It reprinted many of the Jules de Grandin stories by Seabury Quinn, and also published the first stories by Stephen King and F Paul Wilson. The others were Weird Terror Tales (3 issues Winter 1969/70-Fall 1970) and Bizarre Fantasy Tales (2 issues Fall 1970-March 1971). [MA]


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