Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Lustbader, Eric Van

(1946-    ) US writer, married to sf and fantasy editor Victoria Schochet; much of his later fiction has been published as by Eric Lustbader. Although his first novel, The Sunset Warrior (1977) was sf, EVL almost immediately began shifting his focus to fantasy, beginning with the subsequent volumes of the Sunset Warrior trilogy: Shallows of Night (1978) and Dai-San (1978). Beneath an Opal Moon (1980) is set in the same universe, which has not been treated with much concern for its ostensible sf nature for some time. The Oriental Sword-and-Sorcery flavour of these novels is intensified in EVL's later work, all published outside genre fiction and marketed (successfully) as bestselling action-adventure. His subsequent fictions have been contemporary martial-arts action novels of eastern intrigue; many contain supernatural elements, though none centrally. Those novels concerning Nicholas Linnear – they include The Ninja (1980), The Miko (1984), White Ninja (1990), The Kaisho (1993), Floating City (1994) and Second Skin (1995) – tend to involve Magic powers. [GF]

other works: The China Maroc sequence, being Jian (1985) and Shan (1986); Black Heart (1983); Zero (1987); French Kiss (1989); Angel Eyes (1991); Black Blade (1993).

Eric Van Lustbader


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