Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Luard, Nicholas

(1937-    ) UK soldier, theatrical impresario, publisher, travel writer and novelist, initially best-known for his thrillers (some as by James McVean). His fantasies, all large novels promoted as exotic mainstream bestsellers, are Gondar (1988), Kala (1990) and Himalaya (1992). The first two, set in 19th-century Africa, are reminiscent of H Rider Haggard, involving dynastic struggles in hidden kingdoms; the eponymous heroine of the second is a girl raised by hyenas (>>> Feral Children). The third utilizes similar subject matter in a Yeti-haunted Asian setting (> Animals Unknown to Science). The books are colourful and well told, but basically derivative. [DP]

Other work: Silverback (1995).

Nicholas Lambert Luard


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